Southland Denture Clinic Calgary – Serving Southern Calgary for over 20 Years

Southland Denture Clinic Calgary has provided trustworthy denture services to the southern Calgary area for more than 25 years. Our team of experienced professionals – including Allan Love and our administrative head Shann Forrest – offer a wide variety of denture and dental services. From denture repairs to teeth whitening to snore guards, Southland Denture Clinic Calgary is known for our trustworthy staff and beautiful results. Dentures Calgary are the least fussy way to correct your palate alignment.

Our Staff is Here for You

We believe in providing personalized service – we’ll give you plenty of time during the appointment to ask questions and tell us more about you and your needs regarding best dentures calgary. We understand you might be worried about having your teeth extracted; part of our role is to reassure you and make sure that your experience in our clinic is as smooth as possible. That is the sole purpose why we bring Best value dentures calgary offers for you! We get fantastic feedback from our clients because we care about them; we even offer a free 6 month check-up! For your convenience, we’ll cover the costs of any work to be done within the first 6 months of placement of new dentures and we offer direct billing with all insurance policies. Best value dentures calgary is what we offer to each and every customer!

In-House Lab Work

Thanks to our convenient on-site lab and Emergency Dentures calgary, your immediate dentures can be ready in as little as a week; regular dentures are ready for you within 10 business days. We can advise you on whether complete, partial or surgical dentures work best for your situation. Along with the actual Dentures Calgary, we will teach you how to best care for your dentures so you keep them healthy for years. We encourage you to call our office for information and advice, even if you aren’t a patient – contact us today to learn how Southland Denture Clinic can help you!

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Our Services

Denture Relines

Looking for the most reliable dentures in Calgary? Simply drop in and speak to our professionals at Southland denture clinic. When you first get your dentures placed, they will fit in your mouth securely and comfortably as they are specifically designed to your gums and jaw.

Emergency Dentures Calgary Repairs

No matter how careful and conscientious you are, damage can happen to your dentures. Whether suddenly or gradually over time, this damage can continue to worsen and lead to pain, swelling and other issues in your mouth.

New Full and Partial dentures

Want the best dentures calgary? Well the simple rule is to come in at Southland dentures. When you first get your dentures placed, they will fit your mouth securely because they were specifically designed to your gums and jaw. As time goes on, however, your gum tissues and jawbone will shift, shrink and change, meaning that your dentures may not fit as securely…

Our History in Calgary

Southland Denture Clinic was opened 20 plus years ago by our head Denturist Calgary Allan Love. Born in Edmonton, Love studied at NAIT and has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the industry. Shann Forrest has been working with Allan since Southland Denture Clinic’s beginning; a caring and friendly person, Denturist Southwest Calgary handles the administrative side of the clinic. Both Love and Ms. Forrest are passionate about offering natural-looking, custom-made dentures to the residents of Calgary using excellent quality materials that are going to make perfect Denturist Southwest Calgary. A Denturist Calgary is going to pay extra attention to your jawline and work on even the minute defects.

Our Products

Complete Dentures Southwest Calgary

If you’re missing all of your teeth or multiple teeth on your top and bottom jaw, complete dentures are most likely your best option.

Partial Dentures Southwest Calgary

Missing one or two teeth as an adult may not seem like a big deal, but it actually can lead to bite pressure shifts in your mouth ..

Surgical Dentures

If you already have dentures, but you’re not happy with how they fit or how they feel in your mouth, surgical dentures …

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