Denture Relines Calgary

Feel Comfortable Again with Denture Relines Calgary

When you first get your dentures placed, they will fit your mouth securely because they were specifically designed to your gums and jaw. As time goes on, however, your gum tissues and jawbone will shift, shrink and change, meaning that your dentures may not fit as securely as they once did.

If your dentures are loose and more prone to moving inside your mouth, contact Southland Denture Clinic. We offer denture relines Calgary to ensure your denture is secure and functional. With our in-house lab, we offer several types of denture relining services, including:

  • Hard relines: We recommend relining the hard acrylic base of your denture every 2 years minimum to ensure you can chew and speak with ease. To do so, we will take new impressions of your gums and mouth to create a new base.
  • Soft relines: If the acrylic base of your denture is too hard, we can reline your appliance with soft, pliable material that is much less likely to induce sore spots.
  • Temporary relines: If you’ve gone more than 2 years without relining your dentures, your gums may be red, swollen or misshapen. Since we can’t take a new impression of such gums, we offer temporary relines until the inflammation subsides.

If your dentures don’t seem to feel as comfortable as they once did, you may need a reline. Contact Southland Denture Clinic today to schedule your appointment.

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