Surgical Dentures

Enjoy Stability with Surgical Implant Dentures in Calgary

If you already have dentures, but you’re not happy with how they fit or how they feel in your mouth, surgical dentures may be your best option. Surgical dentures, also called implant dentures or dentures over implants, are more stable and secure than other options because they rely on artificial tooth roots called implants, which anchor your false teeth to your jawbone.

At Southland Denture Clinic, we offer implant dentures in Calgary to those who desire the most natural-looking dentures possible.

How Implant Dentures Work

Implants are titanium posts that are fused to your jawbone, making them extremely secure. It takes several months to heal from this surgery, so choosing implant dentures is a longer process than others. Able to replace one, two or all of your teeth, surgical dentures can rely upon anywhere from 2 to 7 implants, depending on the type of denture connection you choose and how much stability you want with your appliance.

If you think that implant dentures sound like the right option for you, please contact Southland Denture Clinic to schedule a consultation with our team.

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